Login For Students Without NUSNET ID

Please log in using NUS application number and password.

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  • For new students who have completed Registration (part one)

    • Wait 3 days before you log into the portal using your NUSNET ID.

    • If you have started but not completed your housing application, you may use your Application no. and password to complete your housing application during this 3-day period.

    • If you have not submitted your housing application, please wait 3 days before submitting your application.

  • When entering your NUS application number and password, do ensure that you do not have any spacing before, in between and after your NUS application number and password.

  • If you have forgotten your password, please reset password at the Undergraduate Admissions System (UAS) at https://myaces.nus.edu.sg/uasonline/Login (for new Undergraduate students), Graduate Admission System at https://inetapps.nus.edu.sg/GDA2/Home.aspx (for new Graduate students) or NUS Online Application Portal at https://myapplications.nus.edu.sg/ (for new Non-Graduating students).

  • Submit a question to our support team at https://www.hosteladmission.nus.edu.sg/app/utils/login_form/redirect/ask if you have any login issues

Login For Students With NUSNET ID

Please log in using your NUSNET ID and password.

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