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1. UTown Residence is in close proximity to the Town Green Plaza which hosts lively activities throughout the year. Some noise is to be expected from these activities. Students who are sensitive to noise may want to take this into consideration when selecting hostel preferences.

2. If you experienced problems during submission of the payment, please refrain from making another payment as you may incur unnecessary transaction charges. Subsequently, please contact your bank to confirm if payment has gone through.



You will not be able to access the portal if:

  • You are not eligible for an NUS student accommodation i.e. part time student, graduated or withdrawn from NUS.
  • You have not accepted your NUS offer via the Graduate Admission System.
    • If you have accepted your offer via hardcopy, please ensure that your faculty/school has updated your status in the Graduate Admission System.   

You will not be able to submit an application if you are:

  • On Leave of Absence (LOA)
  • Barred from applying due to discliplinary reasons
  • Barred from applying due to financial reasons i.e. outstanding hostel fees
  • Not offered to study in NUS for the coming academic year

Before applying/registering, please familiarise yourself with the following:

    1. Hostel Eligibility & Selection Criteria
    2. Hostel Options
    3. Hostel Rates
    4. Hostel Application/Registration Exercises (Terms & Conditions)
    5. Application/Registration Process
    6. Official Check-In/Out Dates
    7. Early Check-In Dates

The above information are available on the Hostel Admission Services website (To visit our website, please click on your student category).

               * Undergraduates

               * Graduates 

               * Non-Graduating Students



If you are unable to login or are encountering technical difficulties, you may wish to use the self-help guides by clicking the relevant links below:

               * Undergraduates (click Step 2)

               * Graduates (click Step 2)

               * Non-Graduating Students (click Step 2)

Alternatively, you may drop an online query at or call +65 6516 1384.